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Homeschool Like an Expert: Video Series teaches parents how to succeed with school at home, no matter the format or curriculum. Through nine fast-paced, concentrated lessons, you will learn how to give your child a great education, with visual guides, downloadable handouts, practical tips, and advice to help any family succeed. With the full series purchase, also get access to monthly Q&A sessions with experts to help answer your questions. You can do this.

Homeschool Expert was founded by Anne Crossman, a former homeschooler, alum of Stanford and Duke, three time best-selling author of education books, and homeschool mom of four. With a friendly, encouraging style, Anne will teach you step-by-step how to school at home from kindergarten to high school. Using the advice and input of over 100 experts, including education professionals and experienced homeschool parents, Homeschool Expert brings the latest research and real-world experience to your kitchen table.

Explore the Video Series!

The complete video course for learning how to homeschool with confidence

  • How to get started
  • Understand how your child learns
  • Find homeschool friends
  • Pick the best curriculum for you
  • Support special education needs
  • Use tests and grades
  • Teach multiple ages
  • Downloadable handouts
  • ...And more!
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"Quick Start Guide to Homeschooling During COVID" +
Monthly Q&A Sessions with Experts

“If you want just one guide to homeschooling success, here it is. Homeschool Expert is the fast-track to homeschooling your family.”

Debra Bell, PhD, Executive Director, Aim Academy Online

Or Learn One Level at a Time

101 Series

  • $29.99
  • Parents new to homeschooling or teaching for years will learn new skills from expert homeschoolers and professional educators. These lessons build a foundation for long-term success and include:
  • Getting Started Successfully
  • Study How My Child Learns Best
  • Develop Your Community


201 Series

  • $29.99
  • With the 101 foundation in place, learn how to select the best curriculum for you, incorporate tests and grades, and how to identify and respond to special ed needs that may exist. Lessons include:
  • Find the Best Curriculum
  • How to Use Tests and Grades
  • Look Out for Special Needs


301 Series

  • $29.99
  • Now that you have your foundation, curriculum, grades, and other pieces in place for homeschooling success, learn how to thrive with your students! Lessons include:
  • Teaching Multiple Ages at the Same Time
  • How to Transition Into Traditional Ed
  • Support the Teacher at Home